Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

My Animation At LKS In 2010

This is one of my work when I was in SMK. I was one of the participants LKS Bogor district level, and this is an animation I made for the race. but unfortunately, the animation itself is defeated by my friend: :p
losing, I'm still proud of this homemade animation, because I made ​​it with heart,, :D

This animation lasts only 47 seconds. This animation I made by hand, by drawing on a4 paper, then put it into the scanner, edit and coloring in Adobe Photoshop, then animate in Adobe Flash. This animation tells a jungle atmosphere, where there is a deer and the deer will be hunted by a child may be called tarzan. but the son was actually failed and kicked at the deer up into the sky.

rather strange story and animation are also ugly, but hopefully you guys (if you are watching) entertained ^ ^

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  1. great animation and great design! you're an artist. Congratulations!! and you've an own style... very important.