Sabtu, 03 September 2011

My Animation : Exercise For LKS

wah ... I want to show my work again! This time, I want to show my work in animation
This animation I made during the rehearsal for LKS. because only practice, so there are still many shortcomings. I made it using Adobe Flash, the technique makes it the conventional way. This animation lasts 36 seconds.
This animation tells a child who carelessly ran and stepped on the grass around the park. despite being banned for not stepping on the grass in the park. moreover there is an intelligent guard dog in the park. he will chase and bark when someone stepped on the grass in the park. shock because barked by the dog, the boy ran up to not know that there is a hole underneath. and the boy fell into the hole. and the dog laughs happily and roared with laughter.
I hope you guys like to watch this animation ^ ^
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