Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

My 3D Artwork : Leaf

Hello visitor! this time i want to show you my 3D artwork. and look at this picture above. i named this 3D artwork "leaf". i made this leaf using 3ds Max and takes about 5 - 10 minutes. this leaf just a combination of plane and material. i using a real leaf texture, and before i put in 3Ds Max, i edit the leaf texture in Adobe Photoshop. i made 3 texture for leaf material. first i use the real leaf texture, second i make a leaf opacity, and third i make a leaf bump. why i must make three leaf material? hard to explain that, but the 3 of leaf material that i made will usefull for making this 3D leaf. thanks for visiting my blog. don't forget to leave a comment. share this post to your friends by facebook, twiiter, or google+ if you don't mind ^^

3 komentar:

  1. Cool!
    How did you do that? :D
    Did you made the texture? :D

  2. thanks om :3
    no, i didn't. i take a texture from internet, and i just play in material feature on 3Ds Max to made this leaf. :D
    thanks for visiting my blog om :3

  3. I found your leaf very realistic and beautiful. I'm from canada where we use to see a lot of leafs in the nature (also on your flag ^^) and your 3D work is really beautiful.

    Keep going, you're doing great work!