Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

My 3D Artwork : "Try Making Character"

Hello visitor!! meet with me again. long time no posting, and now i want show you my 3D artwork. but this time i won't show my 3D architecture interior, but this is 3D character. i confuse for named this 3D character, so i just called this 3D character is "character". hahaha...
i made this 3D character using 3Ds Max and takes about 3 hours. wooww... so long and so tired for me to made a simple 3D character like this. -_-" but i very like this 3D charachter, because this is the first time i made a 3D character, and love it. i made a head of character using box and modelled it by using editable poly. the metode of making hair same as head. sorry for my bad english,, :p That's all! thanks for visiting my blog. don't forget to leave a comment and share this post to your friends by facebook, twiiter, or google+ if you don't mind ^^

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  1. Thanks for sharing informations...

  2. you're welcome my friends! :)
    thanks for visiting my blog :)